MIRU2022 Young Researchers Program

The MIRU2022 Young Researchers Program targets young researchers in Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Multimedia related fields. It is co-located with MIRU2022 main event, the biggest domestic conference in this research field.

We look for students and young employees in both academia and industry who are interested in related fields and want to engage in social events and opportunities targeting young researchers.

Main program: Soft-Skill Survey

For this year’s main program we plan a “survey”. Participants will deviate from the usual (academic) research topics and survey other topics in groups. Topics could be related to work-related soft-skills such as productivity, project management, but also language skills, mental care, presentation styles, tools, and much more.

The knowledge gained through this experience can contribute to the research of each participant in various ways. We are planning to collaborate with the MIRU plenary session.

Keynote: How to do academic networking

It has become difficult to do networking because of the long quarantine period for COVID-19. The MIRU2022 might be the first in-person conference for most of you guys. And some may wonder how you can, or even if you need to, do networking.

In this time, three professors who are good at networking beyond affiliations will give us talk about academic networking via panel discussion; how they have done networking and how good the network is.

We hope this Young Researchers Program helps you to start making a new generation of “WAKATE”! And now, it is time to take over “WAKATE” from # Self-claimed_Young_Researchers!

Date and time

12:00 – 12:30 on Monday July 25, 2022


Facilitator: Fumio Okura (Head of MIRU2022 Y.R.P.)

MIRU WAKATE Slack (Looking for participants!)

―――MIRU2022 is already beginning!―――

Due to the pandemic, there are few opportunities for interaction between researchers. It is becoming difficult to consult and make connections beyond the boundaries of ones own laboratory.

The MIRU2022 Young Researchers Program started the “MIRU WAKATE Slack” to solve this. If you are a young researcher (even self-defined!) and in one of the MIRU fields, please join us! You do not need to participate the MIRU2022 main event in order to join the Slack.


  • 2022.06.02: The participants to the MIRU WAKATE Main program met online first time.
  • 2022.04.22: The MIRU WAKATE Main program registration deadline got extended to May 8th.
  • 2022.04.01: MIRU WAKATE Main program is looking for participants. Registration deadline is April 24th.
  • 2021.12.23: MIRU WAKATE interaction event was held.
  • 2021.11.20: MIRU WAKATE Slack is starting.
  • 2021.10.15: Website for MIRU2022 Young Researchers Program went online.

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